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"Junior Music Course"  

The YAMAHA Junior Music Course (JMC) is a 4-semester program for young children, providing an incomparable foundation for future musical study on any instrument.


Each class session includes:

  • Hearing - Listening to music helps children to develop emotional sensitivity, an ear for music and to feel and express music in time rhythmically.

  • Singing - Children love to sing! Singing develops self expression, correct tempo, rhythm, pitch and understanding of note names.

  • Playing - Playing and performing music introduces children to the joy of individual musical expression. Learning on a piano helps students to become familiar with the five-line staff, keyboard geography and playing songs with both hands.

  • Creating - The Junior Music Course experiences cultivate children's musical creativity and exposure to the building-blocks of musical harmony.


Course length: 4 semesters, approximately 21 weeks each 

Class schedule: One 60-minute class per week 

Suggested Age: To enroll in JMC, children should be at least 4, 5 or 6 years old and preferably enrolled in Pre-Kindergarten, Kindergarten or 1st grade. This requirement helps ensure that children are enrolled in a course for which they are developmentally ready.

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