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Policies & Procedures 

The following policies and procedures are in place to ensure that all students have the opportunity to learn in the most excellent educational environment possible.

 Class Preparation and Attendance 

Students are encouraged to practice each item on the home assignment at least 5 days/week. Parents, please offer positive encouragement and a quiet environment for your student to accomplish this. It is mandatory that each student has easy access to a CD player or a device capable of playing music downloaded from a CD. On lesson day, due to space and distraction considerations, please remain with your student in the entrance lobby until the scheduled class time. Take this opportunity to help your student prepare for class: use the restroom, wash hands, get a drink and have materials ready. Parents, if you need to communicate with the teacher on lesson day, please send an email ahead of lesson time, or use the sticky notes available in the hallway to leave a note at the desk in the waiting room. 


 Instruments for Home Use 

All courses require that the student have access to a keyboard instrument at home. Minimum requirements: 

Least expensive, short-term options: 

61 ~ 72 key portable keyboard or digital grand piano, YAMAHA brand preferred. These can be purchased least expensively at the following retailers:

Music and Arts Englewood
Music and Arts Littleton
Guitar Center Park Meadows
Kraft Music Online

If you choose to purchase through Ebay or Craigslist, please be sure that the instrument has not been removed from the original packaging and that it comes with a bench, power plug and sturdy stand.

Substantial, long-term options: 

88 key YAMAHA Clavinova, YAMAHA Digital Piano or any upright, baby grand or grand piano available through:

Classic Pianos of Denver

Pianos and Pianos Littleton

"Antique" pianos are fine as long as they are well-maintained. Pianos should be tuned every 6 months and kept away from outside walls. Please ask your piano retailer for further advice on your specific situation. They want to help!

 Weather-Related or Other Cancellations 

Please check email to confirm the status of classes during times of inclement weather or other emergencies. The Piano Playhouse does not necessarily follow the weather cancellation decisions of the local public schools. Refunds or tuition credit for weather-related cancellations, cancellations due to circumstances beyond the school's control, or cancellations when the student's safety may be at-risk will be offered at Claudia’s discretion.

 Withdrawal from The Piano Playhouse ​

If it becomes necessary for your family to withdraw from The Piano Playhouse, please e-mail Claudia, to schedule a meeting. Following this meeting, if both parties agree on the need for withdrawal, an appropriate refund of tuition fees will be offered.

 Payment Procedures 

Submitting the initial payment immediately following the first class session indicates that you have agreed to a twelve month commitment to lessons and on-time payments. You have also secured your child’s place in class. Please add a $25 late fee to payments made after the due date.

 A Personal Message 

My firm commitment is to provide an environment that allows your children the opportunity for the most positive, high-quality educational experience possible. Please come to me in whatever way you choose (phone, email, text, scheduled meeting) if you find that I have failed to honor that commitment. Now, let's make some music!!

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