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Alfred "Music for Little Mozarts" ~ Ages 3 & 4

The Music for Little Mozarts course is a comprehensive approach to music learning. Students are introduced to new musical concepts and performance of pieces at the piano as they following the story of Beethoven Bear and Mozart Mouse.

There are well-planned listening activities written to develop ear-training skills. Children also experience music through singing, movement, and response to rhythm patterns.

Music appreciation is fostered through carefully chosen music that introduces the students to great music through the ages. Melodies to sing using solfege, Help students learn to match pitch and discover tonal elements of music.

Music for Little Mozarts is the ideal introduction to music for little ones that are developing readiness for the Yamaha Junior Music Course.

Course length: TBD by teacher and parent
Class schedule: One 40-minute lesson per week

Music For Little Mozarts - Course Descriptions in Centennial, CO

YAMAHA "Junior Music Course" ~ Ages 4-6

YAMAHA Junior Music Course (JMC) is a 2 year program for children beginning at ages 4 - 6 that provides an incomparable foundation for future musical study on any instrument. Children experience singing, music reading and writing, playing the piano, ear training, and creating music.

Course length: 2 years
Class schedule: One 55-minute class per week
Suggested Age: To enroll in JMC, children should be 4 or 5 years old and preferably enrolled in Pre-Kindergarten or Kindergarten. This requirement helps ensure that children are enrolled in a course for which they are developmentally ready.
Junior Music Course - Course Descriptions in Centennial, CO
Each class session includes:
  • Hearing - Listening to music helps children to develop emotional sensitivity, an ear for music and to feel and express music in time rhythmically.
  • Singing - Children love to sing! Singing develops self expression, correct tempo, rhythm, pitch and understanding of note names.
  • Playing - Playing and performing music introduces children to the joy of individual musical expression. Learning on a piano helps students to become familiar with the five-line staff, keyboard geography and playing songs with both hands.
  • Creating - The Junior Music Course experiences cultivate children's musical creativity and exposure to the building-blocks of musical harmony.

YAMAHA "Young Musicians Course" ~ Ages 7-9

YAMAHA Young Musicians Course (YMC) is a three-year program where children participate in activities that teach basic musical skills and encourage independence, creativity and self-expression. The course appeals to the imagination of a young mind and becomes an integral part of your child's growth.

For beginning musicians ages 7 - 9, class activities include ear training, keyboard repertoire, keyboard harmony, music theory, exposure to arranging, singing, ensemble playing, and improvisation.

Course length: 3 years
Class schedule: One 55 minute class per week
Suggested Age: To enroll in YMC, children should be enrolled in 1st or 2nd grade. This requirement helps ensure that children are enrolled in a course for which they are developmentally ready.
Young Musicians Course - Course Descriptions in Centennial, CO